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                                     MONMOUTHSHIRE COUNTY COUNCIL  ELECTIONS 2022                         


                                                             Dr Peter Marshall

                                                             Independent candidate for

                                                             Llangybi Fawr 



                                                                     Health and wellbeing

                                                                     Air quality


What I know most about is education. After all, I am an education psychologist. See, for yourself, my credentials in this respect by visiting my website: and click on the bio tab. If your kids are your primary concern, I urge you to vote for me.

Learning doesn't stop at eighteen, either. In today's world, lifelong learning is a necessity. I have been a campaigner in respect of education for many years. If this is relevant to you, vote for me.

Since the pandemic began to deprive students and pupils of access to normal classes at universities, colleges and schools, I have been putting on free lectures and seminars, via my YouTube channel. To access these, enter into your browser: entelechychannel/drpetermarshall. Adults of all ages have enjoyed these and students have relied on them when access to lectures was not possible.

I have also contributed to early learning, with my book Engram the Elephant. This not only provides infants with some essential skills to give them a head-start but, as the book is produced in Welsh and English, it provides a useful language learning aid.

The second thing I know most about is health and wellbeing. I’m a senior member of The Royal Society of Medicine. I'm a qualified psychotherapist and have devoted my life to helping people maximise their potential and overcome social disadvantage and limiting beliefs about themselves.

Levelling up the playing field is something I am passionate about. I understand more than most the subtle forces that hold people back in what they want to achieve. Just have a listen to a lecture I delivered recently to the CFCC  (  .

To view all my works on the subjects, go to my website

So, if your wellbeing and that of your children and family is high on your list of priorities - vote for me.

A third area of interest to me is air quality. I have been campaigning about this for many years. There is a serious problem of pollution in this part of Monmouthshire, not only particulate matter, but also volatile organic compound pollution - invisible to the eyes, though not to the lungs.

I have talked with many residents of the area and there is a high level of private concern. The area has many new housing estates and many more homes are under construction. These typically tend to be the first homes of young parents, just starting their families and it is young children who suffer the effects of pollution most - health effects that will affect the whole of their lives, because small, developing lungs are affected disproportionately. A second group that are disproportionately affected are the old and vulnerable, of which South-East Wales has a higher proportion than the rest of the UK.


I have provided evidence of this pollution to the council and the appropriate bodies who have the power to do something about it, but they have all failed to get a grip of the problem. The response has been that they don't have the data to work on. So I took the matter into my own hands. I purchased several monitors for use at my own place, which is right at the heart of the area – stand-alone monitors and portable, environmental pollution monitors. In consultation with the Environmental Health Department, I collected the data, the lack of which they had, hitherto, used as the reason to ignore the problem and I proved to the Environmental Health Department, demonstrating, face-to-face, to their officer, using my monitors, which are of reputable brands, the dangerous levels of pollution that pervade the air residents were, and still are, breathing in.


In doing so, I found some surprises. My instruments showed that pollution peaked at certain times. The rush-hour periods were, as you would expect, included in these, but what was most surprising was that peaks much higher than these are reached on certain weekdays, in the very late evening up to around two o’clock in the morning, at which time they abruptly stop. This is suggestive of industrial processes discharging pollution when the operators feel it will not be noticed. Conscious minds may not notice, but sleeping lungs do. People breath heavily in sleep and very often through their mouths rather than their noses. Have you noticed how you sometimes wake up feeling unexplainably groggy, with headache, stuffy nose and coughing. These are the short-term effects; the long-term ones will not be felt until later in life.


A similar situation occurs at weekends, when environmental officers are not expected to be working. I demonstrated this, but the authorities responded by scratching their heads about what to do and eventually resorted to sweeping it under the carpet. In effect, this is giving the polluters a licence to kill. I know what needs to be done and if you vote for me I will work to make sure it gets done. For more information about this watch my YouTube video ( .


Remember, respiratory damage is not something temporary. Once damaged, the lungs remain damaged and get worse over a lifetime. In addition, dangerous VOCs in the air cause cancer and other fatal diseases and developmental problems.

So, if the health and development of your children are of primary concern to you. Vote for me.

More information on my life and work and my many articles and advices to help people in their lives and careers can be found on:




Twitter: drpetermarshal3 channel/drpetermarshall



Telephone 01633 450878

Mobile: 07415 892161



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